Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bag Bra - Reivew:

Home It Bra Laundry Bag Bra Wash Bag Set of (3) (Kitchen) #BraLaundryBag

I absolutely found this product to be a lifesaver in getting things clean and not messed up. I have used my bra mesh bags for not only washing my bras but for other things as well. My kid's legos and socks too. the legos don't go down the drain or fly around. It keeps them safe and in one spot. It has held up wonderfully to 5 washing's and is sturdy. A truly must have for me, it saves me time and money.

Bra Laundry Bag (Buy it here)

I received this product free or discounted to review.

Jujub Pineaple Balm - Review:

Jujub Pineapple Lip Balm For Dark Lips to Look Soft Net 0.33 Oz (10 g.) - Jaowying Beauty (Misc.)

I love this lip balm. I haven't seen it improve my color but it has kept my lips smooth and soft. I was having an issue with dry lips and nothing was working to keep them moisturized till I started using this product. I love it. My lips feel better. It's definitely a must have for me and my mom.

Clear in color on lips. Silky smooth finish balm. pinkish/salmon-ish in color in the jar. Easy to apply. Use finger or lip brush. 

Packaging is another favorite. Not too plain and yet simple and elegant in a nice paper box with a little 4 leaf petal flower on top.

Jujub Pineapple Balm (Click here to buy)


I received this product to free or discounted to review.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

LEGO The End (Mindcraft) - Review:

LEGO Minecraft Micro World - The End 21107 (Toy)

I love legos and I love Minecraft and so does my 6-year-old son. We had much fun building this and taking it apart and rebuilding. the little 1 by 1's get annoying for little hands but that did not stop us. I plan on doing a full review on my blog. And wish to do all other lego Minecraft builds and do reviews on them when my son and I are able to get them.

We had so much fun putting this together and destroying it and rebuilding it different ways that we spent a whole day just playing with LEGO's.

(To Buy Click Here) LEGO Minecraft Micro World

Jaowying Beauty Stretch Mark Cream - Review:

I have some bad stretch marks from 2 pregnancies. I have been using this product for about 7 days. So far I have not seen any results but things take time.

I do like this product. The smell is nice, not too strong. the color of the cream is almost like an eggshell yellow. It is very thick and creamy. A little goes a long way. It spreads nicely and absorbs into the skin easily. Also, it has moisturized my belly so it feels smoother.

I love the packaging. I have both likes and dislikes on the 2 plastic sealing. 1 is that it provides extra protection (never use anything that has a broken seal) and then it is a bit much at the same time. But it was easy to open.
I do hope to see improvements as I continue to use this cream.

Jaowying Beauty Stretch Mark Cream (Click Link To Buy)

I received this product for free or discounted for a true and unbiased review.