Wednesday, October 26, 2016

#BuildABear - Review:

I visited Build-A-Bear Workshop on 7/23/2016 at 2;51 pm at the Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY.

This is my review.

The cashier Jennifer was so nice, polite, friendly and helpful.

I got these 2 bears for $35 deal. With everything that was bought, it was $69.66 all together.

I don't recall the person's name who helped me make my 2 Build-A-Bear's but I do remember how friendly she was. She answered all my questions and helped me make a very special Frozen Elsa Build-A-Bear with all the options I could for 4-year-old daughter. From the heart, that's placed into the bear, the scent thingy, and the music box down to the dress and shoes. She walked me through every step of the process and answered every last question I had in a very nice, kind, caring, polite and very friendly way.

The whole place was a very friendly atmosphere. Everyone was very kind, polite, friendly and professional but almost like they were a lifelong friend or family member. And once you do Build-A-Bear you become part of the Build-A-Bear Family. Your bear gets it's very own birth certificate with the name of the owner/parent of the bear. And if your bear is ever lost and someone returns it to a Build-A-Bear Workshop they can scan the bear and know who the bear belongs to so that the bear can be returned to its owner.

(*Note Think of the dress on the bear without the hair since my daughters dress got ruined I used the photo off Build-A-Bear website.)

I got the Finding Dory Ocean Bear for myself and love it. I just got the bear with the heart inside since I wanted a simple bear. I sleep with it (yes I am 27 and you might think that's strange but I don't) and I also hug it when I am sad or feeling lonely or even when I am anxious or having a panic attack. My Build-A-Bear really helps me feel better.

I plan on taking my daughter for her 5th birthday to Build-A-Bear along with her 7-year-old brother but at all depends on weather since it will be November 14th and I live about 75 minutes away. Since we don't know how the weather will be as of right now we will still be taking them, if not we will make it for another day when the weather is better.

Also, the price wasn't too bad since they normally have a 2 or $35 deal. Or for some bears the regular $35 is not too bad when you think about how long it will last and the fact that it's not like an everyday necessity

Build-A-Bear my Family Loves you and loves the Bears you helped me make.

Now Please make a JACK SKELLINGTON Buil-A-Bear, pretty please with cherry's and chocolate, spice and everything nice on top.


*Note pictures will be posted as soon as I wash them since they have become a bit Dirty and no one wants to see a dirty bear.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

#JASTEK_Cable 5-in-1 - Review:

Jastek 5-in-1 USB Charger Cable (Link to product) 

1x USB 2.0
2x Micro USB
1x Mini USB
1x USB Type-C
1x iPhone (Lightning)
I want to say that this cable is pretty self-explanatory but well in some ways, it's not.Now I have tried because some cables say they won't sync but will sync. This one, however, does not sync which Jastek states is only for charging and doesn't sync. But knowing me I had to test that theory out since sometimes what a company might say is not true. 

I have had no issues other then yes it is a short cable and that it should be a 6-in-one cable or take out 1 Micro USB cable and change it to a 30 Pin for older iPhones and iPads. I say this because for one I have those still and it would have been nice also because if you put the older USB connection that is never used in devices anymore (but still is useful for those older devices we still use) then why not go one step further and add a 30 Pin, But that is just my thought and wish but that does not take away from the 5 stars since it was not an option. And even though the cable is too short for my liking it is convenient for school or work because you can clip it to your bag or pants or even keys if you must. So even though it is a con for me it still gets 5 stars because it does what it says there are no issues and it can be clipped and carried for a quick charge. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

#i-Blason Battery Case iPhone 6 Plus - Review:

My husband got me this last Christmas and I was so happy and excited especially since my iPhone could never make it through a day. I literally had to charge my iPhone 6 Plus 3 times a day because I was always on it for calls from family, doctors, and the school. Using my calendar to put in appointments and checking the weather that day. And of course texting workers and family. Three times seems excessive but if I didn't start charging my phone once it hit 3% I was screwed. I would sometimes get disconnected from calls and never got to save appointments before it would die. Anyway long story short and on to my Review. 

I was using the battery case all the time and I loved it. I only had to recharge my phone once a day using the battery pack as long as it was fully charged during the night. I took the case off to charge it during the night instead of keeping it on and charging both simultaneously because the iPhone would take more from the battery pack so one or the other was not getting fully charged during the night if I didn't take the case off. But that is not where my problem is. The bezel the would hold the phone in the case was actually quite un-solid and broke after so long (not even 1/3rd a year because of it I really cannot use the case as I would like. I tried to see if I could buy a new bezel piece instead of having to re-buy the product but could not. 

The case does add a bit of weight and thickness to the phone but it does not bother me. It does have an anti-slip rubberized finish that kind of feels like satin. 

Now I really do love this case but I am sorry, I am not going to re-buy the whole case when I have the battery part that still works. Maybe not a whole 100% since after so long the battery gets used and never will be 100% capacity though it might say that but with wear and tear you will see, anything with a battery and with extended use all the time loses charge quickly and the actual capacity of the battery itself dwindles. I don't have the kind of money to replace or even have a second battery case at $60. Now sure it doesn't sound like much but when you think about that fact that the bezel only lasted about 1/3rd a year then broke, the fact that charging the case and phone together wastes more time and power and one doesn't get charged fully because one is taking more power from the other and the fact that it is $60 is just really not feasible. 

I am giving 4 stars because I can still use the battery case without the bezel but the phone is not secure.

One other thing I wish was possible but is not being taken away from the stars is the fact that I wish there was a holster that would fit this battery case so I could still wear it on my pants or attach to my bag. But because that was not even an option that cannot take away from the stars. 

Also, I would like to mention that the case is not drop proof meaning that this case provides little protection to the phone because it will come apart if dropped and the phone can and may get damaged. 

Check it out at i-Blason  

below are the features stated off the i-Blason site. 

UnityPower generates protection and control. External, re-chargeable battery allows you to charge your iPhone to 100% battery capacity while working, shopping, or traveling. The case supports Charge and Sync Functions. Fabricated with impact-absorbing materials and a 4700 mAh capacity battery.


Travel worry-free with extra battery power offered by UnityPower

  • 2 piece, impact- absorbing protection
  • 4700 mAh Capacity external, rechargeable Polymer-Lithium Battery
  • Audio Port extender included for use of third party headsets
  • The case connects to the device through the lightning port. Case is charged through Micro USB
  • Premium Soft Inner TPU Case, Hard Outer Polycarbonate Cover with Rubberized Anti-slip finish
  • Supports charge and sync functions for iPhone 6S Plus (2015) & iPhone 6 Plus (2014)
  • Precise cut and design allows access to all ports

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Reviews Coming This Week

I have a few new reviews of products I have bought a while back and haven't been able to review.

1. i-Blason iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case

2. PocketJuice by Tzumi 12000 Battery Bank

3. & Days To Die (Game Review)

4. Kids Token/Point System (Parenting Review) - Hopefully

5. Fitbit Flex

And Others

Friday, October 7, 2016

#usofficesupply Letter Opener - Review:

#usofficesupply 5 pack of Letter Openers (click the hashtag to check it out)

Not much to say on these. So let me start with there description on Amazon:
  • A pack of 5 simple, safe and efficient letter openers, that are ideal for opening all sizes of letters, envelopes & packages
  • The recessed and concealed blade minimizes the chance of cutting skin, while also reducing the risk of accidentally cutting the letters contents
  • The opener efficiently slices open envelopes by gliding it through the underside of the flap
  • Stainless steel blades are sharp enough to cut hundreds of letters and envelopes
  • Value pack of 5 openers, so you can leave one in your office, at home, in the kitchen or anywhere you may need one

They are sturdy and great for opening letters and packages with tape. It just easily glides and slices trough the envelope or tape. The blade is extremely sharp and does have a recessed and concealed blade so it does reduce the risk of being cut but is still possible. I love these and use them all the time. I gave one to my mom and husband. We have one by our mail holder, one on the fridge (I put a magnet on it) and one in my desk. The price is not bad at $5.96 for a 5 pack of them. 5 star review. 

I received this product for free or discounted for my unbiased review. 

#tcpglobal Plastic Razor Blade - Review:

#tcpglobal 100 Plastic Razor Scraper Blades (click the hashtag to check it out)

On the front of the box, it says Durable flexible plastic blades with a thin chiseled edge for scraping debris from most surfaces safely. On the back, it says Sharp edged, flexible plastic razor blades that are excellent for uses where a metal razor blade will cause damage. Remove decals, stickers, pinstripes, labels, adhesives or clean residue off glass windows and paint. Multiple application for home, work or car detailing and cell phone repair. Standard razor blade size and designed to fit most standard razor blade holders.

My review for these are a 4 star review it, for the most part, did as it said. They are very flexible but not flimsy. They do keep scratches to a minimal for some things above. (I would not recommend using these with cell phone or other electronic devices for repair, due to the scratching they cause to plastic and the soft aluminium backing. I tried using them to fix my iPad and yes they worked to help keep the screen from sticking to the case again when trying to pry it up but it scratched the sides of the aluminum. Not terribly or really noticeable especially for my camera to pick up but you can see them.) They really aren't sharp-edged as they say since they are not actual razor blades but is bluntly sharp if you understand what I mean. It does help with the removal of labels and such but with the help of an adhesive remover or blow dryer, it did not remove residue for me. Now the reason why I am only giving this a 4 star is because a lot of the razors had extra plastic that had to be cut off with either and extractor knife or scissors and one was broken in a way of not being complete it was like 1/2 the razor. Now for the price ($8.56) and the number of plastic razors (100) and the durability and how well they did hold up and still do, they are a good product. And I know a few family that loved the product who are carpenters and painters.

I received this product for free or discounted for my unbiased review.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

#RetinolCream by NYB - Review:

The #RetinolCream is a slightly off white egg shell color. The smell is not bad or harsh but I am having a hard time thinking of a smell it reminds me off. Maybe like a vitamin e lotion (without perfume). It absorbs into my skin really quick because it is so dry, so for me, after it absorbs I put another layer on which does help. It leaves my face feeling more moisturized. I use it twice a day, morning and night.

The container is really nice. Take the lid off, push down on the top which pumps the cream out the center of the top, then you wipe off with your fingers and massage the cream into your face and neck (if you want). It is a 1.7 oz or 50 ml jar.

(Check it out at) #RetinolCream

The price is not too bad at $18.95 sale price but the normal price is a bit much for be being $39.95.
Other then that I like this retinol cream better than others I have used and give this a 5-star review.

I received this product free or discounted for my unbiased review.

#EyeCream by NYB - Review:

Let me start off with I love this container. If ratings were just on that alone it would be a 5 but since that is not the case let me start with my review on the #EyeCream itself. (click the hashtag)

The gel is foggy clear in color, is silky feeling. The smell reminds me of a cucumber/melon kind of smell (which I love). It's not too strong but it's not too faint either. For my skin, it is really quick to absorb so after it does I use a little more but that is because my face is so dry. I do like the feeling it leaves on my skin, it is not sticky and it does not leave an unnatural tight feeling. It seems to perk up my eyes in the morning and leave them relaxed feeling at night. 

The container is really nice. you take the lid off and just push down the top which pumps the gel out the center of the top and you just wipe it off with your fingertips and massage the gel into your eye circle area under the eyes. It is a 1.7 fl or 50 ml jar. 

The price is not too bad at $16.95 sale price but the normal price is a bit much for me being $36.95. Other then that I love this eye cream better than others I have used and give this a 5-star review. 

#NewYorkBiology really made a nice #EyeGel.

I received this product free or discounted for my unbiased review.