Friday, October 7, 2016

#tcpglobal Plastic Razor Blade - Review:

#tcpglobal 100 Plastic Razor Scraper Blades (click the hashtag to check it out)

On the front of the box, it says Durable flexible plastic blades with a thin chiseled edge for scraping debris from most surfaces safely. On the back, it says Sharp edged, flexible plastic razor blades that are excellent for uses where a metal razor blade will cause damage. Remove decals, stickers, pinstripes, labels, adhesives or clean residue off glass windows and paint. Multiple application for home, work or car detailing and cell phone repair. Standard razor blade size and designed to fit most standard razor blade holders.

My review for these are a 4 star review it, for the most part, did as it said. They are very flexible but not flimsy. They do keep scratches to a minimal for some things above. (I would not recommend using these with cell phone or other electronic devices for repair, due to the scratching they cause to plastic and the soft aluminium backing. I tried using them to fix my iPad and yes they worked to help keep the screen from sticking to the case again when trying to pry it up but it scratched the sides of the aluminum. Not terribly or really noticeable especially for my camera to pick up but you can see them.) They really aren't sharp-edged as they say since they are not actual razor blades but is bluntly sharp if you understand what I mean. It does help with the removal of labels and such but with the help of an adhesive remover or blow dryer, it did not remove residue for me. Now the reason why I am only giving this a 4 star is because a lot of the razors had extra plastic that had to be cut off with either and extractor knife or scissors and one was broken in a way of not being complete it was like 1/2 the razor. Now for the price ($8.56) and the number of plastic razors (100) and the durability and how well they did hold up and still do, they are a good product. And I know a few family that loved the product who are carpenters and painters.

I received this product for free or discounted for my unbiased review.