Thursday, January 5, 2017

#Aulker Gaming Mouse - Review:

#Aulker VM168 Four DPI Gaming Mouse (Link)

Aulker Luminous Game Mouse,
Not sure how I want this review to go.

Let's just start off with dislikes for the Aulker Gaming Mouse,

1. No software to control dpi or colors.
2. Instructions are vague.
3. The scroll button is very touchy feelie. Trying to scroll through game inventories and menus and it tends to go and stop towards the end of the page with just one small scroll (which you can slightly feel every time you scroll with it which I do like.)

1. USB (no worrying about batteries dying in the middle of a fight or gaming session.
2. The colors are a nice touch.
3. The overall design of the mouse,
4. The mouse is big but fits my small girly hands nicely and I seem to get fewer hand cramps.

The box it says 6 button, 800, 1200, 2000, 3200 dpi. Optical technology. Luminous Game Mouse. Four gears switch
Superior capability over the surface

I do like this mouse but I really wish it was like my Logitech G300s which has a total of 9 buttons which I can program. It also comes with software that I can control the color and the dpi and which dpi has which color so I know. Other then that nothing should change on the Aulker Luminous Gaming Mouse,

For the price of $10.99 It is a nice mouse

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

#PHOTAGEit - Review:

Photage is an app where you can make a collage for your wall. It is a sticker that you can peel and restick on the wall and you can make a big wall collage. 
The sizes and prices in list are:
  • 4" x 4" = $5
  • 6" x 6" = $10
  • 9" x 9" = $20
  • 14" x 14" = $40
Each collage can have 1 to 30 pictures. 

This is from the Photage Website:
  • Free: Photage is FREE to download. We never charge for digital goods!
  • Photo Collages: Create beautiful collages with pictures from Instagram and your camera roll. 
  • Canvas Prints: Make your Photage into a removable canvas print. We preserve the memories you love. 
  • Messaging: Share your Photage creations with friends and family using social media or text messages. 
Right now you can go to this link and gain early access to get a Free Photage canvas print. 

I did order a print but it has not come in yet since it is early access and because it was just order the other day. Once I get my print I will put up pictures. So until then go check out the link above to get your own free print. The picture to the side is not what a ordered.

This is just a snapshot of the process of how it works. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

#Caperci Stearling Heart Love Necklace - Review:

This 18" necklace is a simple, elegant heart shaped beautiful sterling silver love (which is nicely placed inside the heart. The v has a pretty blue sapphire stone (small) pendant. It is lightweight. And it comes in a simple yet pretty black box with the logo Caperci on the top. The chain does look delicate (not flimsy, just delicate) but seems to be durable. The heart pendant is attached to the chain, no worrying about oops, the pendant fell off the chain or not staying in the center of the neck and moving around. After my 3 year anniversary on the 3rd of November, I gave this to my 5-year-old daughter for her birthday on the 14th.

*Note: Pictures to come later today. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

#CheifGear Copper Knee Sleeves - Review:

Not much to say about this product since it is from, the same company and I already reviewed another knee brace from them and this one is just as good.

For $29.95 for a pair of knee sleeves and a pair of patella braces, this is a great price. 

The quality is great, The fit is spot on. It's made from a company I truly like. It's an all over solid knee brace. 

Check them out if you are in need of some good, comfortable, quality knee braces. 

#backyardbanquet Meal Worms - Review

I cannot review what I don’t have so I am going to tell you about my experience so far.

I ordered these #backyardbanquet meal worms to try for my red-eared slider and I have not received them. I placed my order on 9/23/16 and still nothing. I even contacted the company who has yet to respond. I will not do business with this company again. This has not been worth the time or effort. The next time my turtle needs meal worms I will just drive 10 miles to Petco at least they know what they are doing.

This is the worst experience with a company I have had, all because they have not responded. I honestly much rather deal with all the other companies I have with their rude support then no response at all. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

#Vorfreude Cable Clips - Review:

I have to say (just jump right into the nook of things). I am so glad I got these cable clips. I have tried a  few (DIY cable clips and still not the great results). With the #Vorfreude Cable Color Clips (which are the same as all the others this company makes but the others are black or white and other designs. I choose the 3 cable in 1 Clip. I had an area with a ton of cables that were just in the way because of my computer. Now these clips don't hold the bigger cables I have like the one for my monitor but that is pushed out of the way when the other cables are in the clips. I am very happy with these cable clips and recommend these to anyone and at $9.97 for a 10 pack that's not bad at all. My husband said he thinks these would be great at his job but he is always having to work with cables because he's a PC Lan Tech.

The colors I got were green, orange and pink. Each clip can hold 3 cables. The bottom of the clips has a 3M command circle. I have not had any problem with the clips not holding. And the colors give a nice pop to an area.

 Check them out at        Vorfreude Cable Clip Multi-Color

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

#ChiefGear Knee Compression Sleeves - Review:

#CheifGear Knee Compression Sleeve (1 Pair) & Patella Knee Brace
I gave the Compression Sleeves to my mother who has RSD (CRPS) amongst some other knee problems. I thought this would be better for her since she has major knee problems in both knees/legs and has used other compression sleeves and knee braces, compared to me who has only used knee braces (that would kill a hippo if they wore them). So these will be my mom's impressions and thoughts about this product with my input at the end (yes, she lives with me). 

I would give this company's knee supports a 5 star. The price is just right for a PAIR and a Patella Knee Brace for $19.95 

These compression sleeves are extremely comfortable with just the right amount of pressure, I can wear them all day long with no issues. They stay put, sometimes I don't even feel them and have fallen asleep with them on. The length is perfect and the size was just right (was not too tight or too loose). They are also very durable and are just the right thickness to be durable, not too flimsy or too rough and tough. 

*My thoughts: I got the size that would fit my mom (between her regular knee/leg and when her legs and knees are swelling. I have tried them on and they are comfortable and I do like them. I kneed (get it cackling laughter, I am not good at jokes but at least I try) knee support but she really needed something to help her. If you knew what it has been like since 1998 when she had an accident that caused her injuries you would completely understand. It hard to see my mom in so much pain every day so I wanted to try to help in some way and we talked to my mom's pain management doctor and he said to try it out, give it a fair shot but to not get our hopes up because no brace they prescribed has been helpful thus-far. 
I have noticed that since my mom has started wearing these she has been able to walk more with less pain (noticeable but still not to where she doesn't need her stim).

Unfortunately, the doctor said no to my using the patella brace which was fine since my doctor told me I needed one. but I have no had the chance to use it yet and will have to write that review at another time.