Tuesday, November 8, 2016

#ChiefGear Knee Compression Sleeves - Review:

#CheifGear Knee Compression Sleeve (1 Pair) & Patella Knee Brace
I gave the Compression Sleeves to my mother who has RSD (CRPS) amongst some other knee problems. I thought this would be better for her since she has major knee problems in both knees/legs and has used other compression sleeves and knee braces, compared to me who has only used knee braces (that would kill a hippo if they wore them). So these will be my mom's impressions and thoughts about this product with my input at the end (yes, she lives with me). 

I would give this company's knee supports a 5 star. The price is just right for a PAIR and a Patella Knee Brace for $19.95 

These compression sleeves are extremely comfortable with just the right amount of pressure, I can wear them all day long with no issues. They stay put, sometimes I don't even feel them and have fallen asleep with them on. The length is perfect and the size was just right (was not too tight or too loose). They are also very durable and are just the right thickness to be durable, not too flimsy or too rough and tough. 

*My thoughts: I got the size that would fit my mom (between her regular knee/leg and when her legs and knees are swelling. I have tried them on and they are comfortable and I do like them. I kneed (get it cackling laughter, I am not good at jokes but at least I try) knee support but she really needed something to help her. If you knew what it has been like since 1998 when she had an accident that caused her injuries you would completely understand. It hard to see my mom in so much pain every day so I wanted to try to help in some way and we talked to my mom's pain management doctor and he said to try it out, give it a fair shot but to not get our hopes up because no brace they prescribed has been helpful thus-far. 
I have noticed that since my mom has started wearing these she has been able to walk more with less pain (noticeable but still not to where she doesn't need her stim).

Unfortunately, the doctor said no to my using the patella brace which was fine since my doctor told me I needed one. but I have no had the chance to use it yet and will have to write that review at another time.