Saturday, November 12, 2016

#Vorfreude Cable Clips - Review:

I have to say (just jump right into the nook of things). I am so glad I got these cable clips. I have tried a  few (DIY cable clips and still not the great results). With the #Vorfreude Cable Color Clips (which are the same as all the others this company makes but the others are black or white and other designs. I choose the 3 cable in 1 Clip. I had an area with a ton of cables that were just in the way because of my computer. Now these clips don't hold the bigger cables I have like the one for my monitor but that is pushed out of the way when the other cables are in the clips. I am very happy with these cable clips and recommend these to anyone and at $9.97 for a 10 pack that's not bad at all. My husband said he thinks these would be great at his job but he is always having to work with cables because he's a PC Lan Tech.

The colors I got were green, orange and pink. Each clip can hold 3 cables. The bottom of the clips has a 3M command circle. I have not had any problem with the clips not holding. And the colors give a nice pop to an area.

 Check them out at        Vorfreude Cable Clip Multi-Color