Thursday, January 5, 2017

#Aulker Gaming Mouse - Review:

#Aulker VM168 Four DPI Gaming Mouse (Link)

Aulker Luminous Game Mouse,
Not sure how I want this review to go.

Let's just start off with dislikes for the Aulker Gaming Mouse,

1. No software to control dpi or colors.
2. Instructions are vague.
3. The scroll button is very touchy feelie. Trying to scroll through game inventories and menus and it tends to go and stop towards the end of the page with just one small scroll (which you can slightly feel every time you scroll with it which I do like.)

1. USB (no worrying about batteries dying in the middle of a fight or gaming session.
2. The colors are a nice touch.
3. The overall design of the mouse,
4. The mouse is big but fits my small girly hands nicely and I seem to get fewer hand cramps.

The box it says 6 button, 800, 1200, 2000, 3200 dpi. Optical technology. Luminous Game Mouse. Four gears switch
Superior capability over the surface

I do like this mouse but I really wish it was like my Logitech G300s which has a total of 9 buttons which I can program. It also comes with software that I can control the color and the dpi and which dpi has which color so I know. Other then that nothing should change on the Aulker Luminous Gaming Mouse,

For the price of $10.99 It is a nice mouse