Wednesday, October 26, 2016

#BuildABear - Review:

I visited Build-A-Bear Workshop on 7/23/2016 at 2;51 pm at the Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY.

This is my review.

The cashier Jennifer was so nice, polite, friendly and helpful.

I got these 2 bears for $35 deal. With everything that was bought, it was $69.66 all together.

I don't recall the person's name who helped me make my 2 Build-A-Bear's but I do remember how friendly she was. She answered all my questions and helped me make a very special Frozen Elsa Build-A-Bear with all the options I could for 4-year-old daughter. From the heart, that's placed into the bear, the scent thingy, and the music box down to the dress and shoes. She walked me through every step of the process and answered every last question I had in a very nice, kind, caring, polite and very friendly way.

The whole place was a very friendly atmosphere. Everyone was very kind, polite, friendly and professional but almost like they were a lifelong friend or family member. And once you do Build-A-Bear you become part of the Build-A-Bear Family. Your bear gets it's very own birth certificate with the name of the owner/parent of the bear. And if your bear is ever lost and someone returns it to a Build-A-Bear Workshop they can scan the bear and know who the bear belongs to so that the bear can be returned to its owner.

(*Note Think of the dress on the bear without the hair since my daughters dress got ruined I used the photo off Build-A-Bear website.)

I got the Finding Dory Ocean Bear for myself and love it. I just got the bear with the heart inside since I wanted a simple bear. I sleep with it (yes I am 27 and you might think that's strange but I don't) and I also hug it when I am sad or feeling lonely or even when I am anxious or having a panic attack. My Build-A-Bear really helps me feel better.

I plan on taking my daughter for her 5th birthday to Build-A-Bear along with her 7-year-old brother but at all depends on weather since it will be November 14th and I live about 75 minutes away. Since we don't know how the weather will be as of right now we will still be taking them, if not we will make it for another day when the weather is better.

Also, the price wasn't too bad since they normally have a 2 or $35 deal. Or for some bears the regular $35 is not too bad when you think about how long it will last and the fact that it's not like an everyday necessity

Build-A-Bear my Family Loves you and loves the Bears you helped me make.

Now Please make a JACK SKELLINGTON Buil-A-Bear, pretty please with cherry's and chocolate, spice and everything nice on top.


*Note pictures will be posted as soon as I wash them since they have become a bit Dirty and no one wants to see a dirty bear.