Saturday, October 15, 2016

#JASTEK_Cable 5-in-1 - Review:

Jastek 5-in-1 USB Charger Cable (Link to product) 

1x USB 2.0
2x Micro USB
1x Mini USB
1x USB Type-C
1x iPhone (Lightning)
I want to say that this cable is pretty self-explanatory but well in some ways, it's not.Now I have tried because some cables say they won't sync but will sync. This one, however, does not sync which Jastek states is only for charging and doesn't sync. But knowing me I had to test that theory out since sometimes what a company might say is not true. 

I have had no issues other then yes it is a short cable and that it should be a 6-in-one cable or take out 1 Micro USB cable and change it to a 30 Pin for older iPhones and iPads. I say this because for one I have those still and it would have been nice also because if you put the older USB connection that is never used in devices anymore (but still is useful for those older devices we still use) then why not go one step further and add a 30 Pin, But that is just my thought and wish but that does not take away from the 5 stars since it was not an option. And even though the cable is too short for my liking it is convenient for school or work because you can clip it to your bag or pants or even keys if you must. So even though it is a con for me it still gets 5 stars because it does what it says there are no issues and it can be clipped and carried for a quick charge.