Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sleep Tea - Review

I have had insomnia for the last 13 years. I am 27 it started when I was 15. For the last 3 years, I have been on sleep medication. It takes me 45-60 mins to fall asleep and anywhere from 3-4 hours to fall back to sleep without medicine. So when I first saw this tea I was hesitant to try it because I have tried so many over the counter sleep aids, teas, drinks and all natural products. I gave in and said I am willing to try anything if it means that I might be able to find something to help instead of always relying on medicine to help me sleep.

This Relaxing Sleep Tea (14 Day) Herbal Bedtime Calming Aid - Helps Insomnia and Anxiety.
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That statement is true. It has helped with my insomnia and anxiety both of which I am on medication for. I spoke to my doctor about the tea and my doctor said to try it. For a week stop taking the medication and see if it works. To give it a fair shot and not to rush to the medication if I don’t see a result right away.

The first few nights were still rough but not as bad as they would normally be. It helped me fall asleep quicker at about 20-30 mins and I did wake up in the middle of the night but it only took me 15-30 mins to fall back to sleep. So that alone speaks for itself.

Even my kids tried the tea. It’s something we do every night. My 2 kids and I drink a cup of tea together before bed. They loved it and so did I. The ginger flavor makes the tea pop with a nice cooling spearmint. Very relaxing and invigorating. The aroma is relaxing as well it smells so yummy.

I will update my review if needed.

The Price tag is a bit steep at $25 for 14 Days and $42 for 30 Days, so unfortunately for me, it will be back to medication since I will not be able to afford this at the prices.

I received this product free or discounted to thoroughly test and give my unbiased opinion. I never let that influence my review or how I rate a product. I love reviewing products with as much information as possible so that you will know everything you can to make your own decision on getting that product or not.