Wednesday, September 14, 2016

NYB Frankincense Essential Oil - Review

Frankincense Essential Oil (70% Alpha Thujen) - 100% Pure & Natural - Triple Extra Quality - Premium Therapeutic Grade Frankincense Oil - 1 fl oz

Prior to this, I have never used Frankincense Essential Oil before. And honestly, I am glad I did get this chance to use, evaluate, test and review #NewYorkBiology 's Frankincense Essential Oil.

It comes in a dark brown bottle and even comes with a matching dropper for easy use. I love this oil, even though it is not my normal essential oil I would use since I really like more energy boosting like scents. This one seems to have a more earthy smell.

I have to note this that upon receiving this essential oil I did research and looked at tons and tons of information and I cannot stress this enough "DO NOT INGEST" it says it right on the package and I saw too many reviews on this particular brand saying how they put in in their drinks and such. Again I repeat "DO NOT INGEST."

Check out this LINK to read about why you shouldn't ingest essential oils and about ingesting essential oils and this LINK.

I only have used this essential oil in the form of diffusing in my essential oil diffuser. In doing so it gives me a calm sense of peace of mind and body, relaxation and helps reduce my really bad stress and anxiety that even my doctor has yet to really been able to help. Now that doesn't mean for anyone on medication for anxiety to just stop taking it and use this oil but to incorporate it into your daily life by diffusing.

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I received this free or discounted for my unbiased review.