Friday, September 2, 2016

Rust (PC Game) - Review:

Honestly, I didn't think Rust was a game I would like or want to play. If it weren't for my husband telling me to try it I would have never played Rust. I love Rust but I don't like the people who are Rude, Harassing and Bashing me as a Girl Gamer and it's not just on Rust, it's on other games as well but it's worse on Rust. I am tired of it all. It's supposed to be a game, be fun and yet challenging and it's not anymore and honestly except for the few guys that helped me and were nice to me, it never really was fun. For one it seems as if Facepunch and or Steam doesn't care what people's names are, for instance, a guy had the id LesterTheMolester and I am sorry but it's not right, it is completely wrong. Especially for someone who has been Molested. But that's not what we are here to talk about. I think that there should be rules and regulations on names. Steam or Facepunch (I think it's steam's issue though) needs to get their act together. Now I am not saying I don't like Steam or Facepunch because I really do like both. And I wish I was part of the team but I don't have the right qualifications for game programming.

Rust is a survival PVE/PVP online multiplayer game. As one of my favorite Youtuber's (VERTiiGO) would say "The Butt Naked World That Is Rust" (VERTiiGO says it in all his Rust gameplay Commentaries.) It is true. You start as a fresh spawn butt naked with only a rock and a torch. You use your rock to hit trees for wood, rock nodes for sulfur ore/stones/metal ore/high-quality metal ore, to try to kill animals like boar's, bear's, wolves, chicken, horses and stag's for leather/cloth/bone fragments/wolf skulls and pork/bear meat/chicken and wolf meat. You have to gather materials to build a base or home to keep yourself and your stuff safe and nothing is safe on rust.

Raids on rust are always a given unless you are on a modded PVE only server. You will be raided and or killed. Raids tend to happen with c4 and rockets (with rocket launchers). But sometimes people will use flamethrowers, the bean can grenades (not really reliable), f1 grenades, satchel charges (kind of like c4 but less damage and less reliable), pickaxes and axes (which neither of those really do much unless you have a ton of them and a ton of time).

The old blueprint system required you to use blueprint fragments, pages, books or library's to get a blueprint (which was random on what you would get) which you would then use and be able to craft that item with the required materials. Or using a research table and the item you wanted the blueprint for (getting them from either points of interest like Radtown, Military Tunnel, Trainyard, Airfield, Satellite Dish, Water Treatment Plant, Powerplant, Sphere Tank, Warehouse's or from Airdrops.

The new experience system requires you to level up by doing the above or giving players crafted items you made and having them do all the work which would give you XP to level up. Every level up to level 30 you unlock different items that you can craft.

They have added blueprints back in a way of research papers. You use an item and research paper you received in the above way to us at the research table to get a limited number of crafting uses for that item which you need the required materials for.

You survive on food and water. Not all water sources are drinkable, only the running water sources are drinkable, water catchers or you have to use a water carrier like a bottle or bota bag to use in any water then using the water purifier to purify the water so you can drink it. You can get water bottles the above ways. For food, you have to hunt and then cook or by running rivers you can get pumpkins and corn, mushrooms that are all over in un-grassy patches that look like dirt. You can also get food from the above ways.

There are also many guns in the game. Use guns to protect yourself, kill animals or to kill people. Some guns are Pump Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Custom SMG and Pistols.

Tools are also in the game and you use them just like the rock. But certain tools work better for certain things. For instance, pickaxes would be best to use on the rock nodes and an axe for trees and chopping up animals or humans which you can get skulls, cloth, raw human meat (not really good for food, even after cooking).

I probably could go on and write a book but I believe I left you with enough information as of right now. If you have any questions please feel free to comment and I will get back to you or if you got to this blog from ifttt posting my blog on my twitter or facebook you can message me on those.

*Note: I bought this game with my own money. I may update this review if needed or as updates happen though as of right now I am not playing rust anymore due to all the harassment and bashing. Or I may start up my own server again and I will then update this review and add my server name.